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Description is a pixelated 3D unblocked online multiplayer internet video game, where you have to fight against your challengers with various tools. You play this as a first-person shooter (FPS) as well as you can sign up with numerous video game modes: Be king of capital in a free-for-all, or accept colleagues to win in a group deathmatch. Beside these game settings, you can also sign up with custom video game modes. Choose between 11 various courses, for example, agent, runner, seeker, as well as a lot more. Every class comes with different looks as well as tools. Defense can range from assault rifles to snipers, shotguns, guns, and also rocket launchers! In you can play default maps, but additionally maps developed by the neighborhood.


How to play
Movement: W, A, S, D
Reload: R
Shoot: LMB
Aim: RMB
Jump: Space
Crouch: Shift
Spray/tag: F




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