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Description: is a unblocked 3D driving video game where the purpose is to collect shock boxes as well as make it through utilizing whatever you find in them: Bullets, grenades, also rockets ?! Bend up, use your helmet, refill your weapons and also remove your challengers! You can also personalize your automobiles! Can you last longer than all your friends in this insane, action-filled Mario Kart-esque racing video game? is a 3D multiplayer kart fight game. Drive your go-kart, get tools, and explode other karts to win! Keep playing to level up and unlock brand-new personalities as well as rewards.

Take on with various other players in the sector for 3 minutes of kart-smashing chaos. There are several maps to explore. Each public video game you play will provide you XP, which you can then make use of to level up.

Leveling up will compensate you with coins, hats, wheels, as well as character tokens. You can make use of personality symbols in the reward equipment to open new personalities with varying degrees of rarity.

WASD or arrow keys to drive
Space to fire weapons


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